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Potential Never Gets Old


Do you want to make life better for all? Share your opinions with developers innovating products and services for the 21st century. You CAN make an impact.


Are you curious about about your future potential? Positive Aging is a growing cultural shift in the way we look at elders, longevity, and quality of life.


Miss this year's Conference in Sarasota? Freedman, Strecher, Vogel, Masley, Van Norman, Goldberg, Jaffe and more. Share in the energy here.


Are you 50+, facing your Next Chapter and looking for meaningful work on a professional project? Connect with us to explore possibilities.

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Thank you for visiting Institute for the Ages. In 2050, nearly half of the population of the developed world will be over 55. It is no wonder many companies are beginning to explore preferences of the aging population and consider what the transition will mean for their products, services, and workforce. Research organizations are devoting more resources to exploring the needs of older individuals and communities. Governments are facing a realignment of policy priorities, resources, political interests—and the very structure of their communities. At the Institute for the Ages, we believe Potential Never Gets Old. We believe in the value of older adults' insights and in their capacity to be co-creators for innovations in aging. We believe in the power of education, community engagement, and the building of networks. Our mission is to transform aging through the authentic voice of the older adult.

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